1. What is Tribal Warrior Challenge ?

Tribal Warrior Challenge is an obstacle course challenge that is designed to redefine the limits of your physical capabilities and mental strength through a series of obstacles that incorporates the following 5 elements: going over, going under, going around, going through and moving forward.

2. Who is the organiser of Tribal Warrior Challenge ?

The organiser of Tribal Warrior Challenge is Borneo Tru Events Sdn Bhd, an established event management company based in Kuching, notably known as the event organiser of the Kuching International Bike Week (KIBW). To know more about the organiser, please visit

3. When will the Tribal Warrior Challenge 2017 be held ?

The Tribal Warrior Challenge 2017 will be held on Saturday, 19 August 2017.

4. Where will the Tribal Warrior Challenge 2017 be held ?

The Tribal Warrior Challenge 2017 will be held at Stadium Negeri Sarawak and its surrounding area.


5. What is the difference between Rite of Passage and Headhunter ?

Rite of Passage (RoP) is a 7km course with 15 obstacles to overcome, suitable for weekend warriors to join in with friends and family as a team. The aim of RoP is to promote teamwork and requires a collective effort in overcoming obstacles liken to a team building exercise for a taxing but family friendly fun-filled weekend.

HeadHunter (HH) is a 10 km course with 20 obstacles to overcome meant for the elite fitness enthusiasts. In this category, participants will be equipped with a timing chip to time their run with individual prizes to be handed to the top 3 winners of the women's and men's category respectively. The aim of HH is for individual fitness athletes to pit their strength with fellow competitors in completing the course within the shortest possible time.

6. For RoP, is there a minimum or maximum number of participants who can join in a team ?

There is no minimum or maximum number of participants who can join in a team. However, registering as a team will ensure you and your team members will get the same start time for the challenge.

7. What is Bizst Mode ?

BIZST mode is crafted exclusively for the Business Events sector in partnership with Sarawak Convention Bureau. Under the Redefining Global Tribes campaign, this exhilarating category redefines the value of unity, community and identity through a series of team-building challenges to unleash the global tribal warrior within! To find out more about the campaign and Sarawak Convention Bureau's support for Business Events, head on to or contact Jemima Joseph at +6082-242516.

8. Is there a baggage check-in area at the start venue ?

Yes. There is a baggage check-in area near the Stadium entrance where participants can deposit their belongings. Participants are advised to carry minimum essentials to the challenge to minimise or eliminate the inconvenience of queuing up at the baggage check-in area to retrieve their belongings. Please refrain from bringing valuables to the Challenge.

9. Are there public toilets and shower areas at the venue ?

Yes. There will be several mobile toilets and shower areas near the Stadium entrance for participants to utilise and freshen up.

10. What if I am injured during the challenge or otherwise unable to complete it ?

Participants who are injured or unable to finish the challenge need not worry, as manned first aid stations will be located after the 3 km mark and at every 2 km mark thereafter. Also, sweeper transports will transport participants (injured/unable to complete race) back to the end of the course.

11. What time does my session start ? Can I change my start time ?

You will receive your start time via email by 31st July 2017 (Monday) after the registration period ends on 19th July 2017.

12. Do I still get a finisher's medal and finisher's t-shirt if I fail to complete the courses ?

Participants who fail to finish after the respective cut-off times will not be eligible for the finisher’s medal and finisher’s t-shirt.

13. When will the Challenge Pack Collection be held and where will it be ?

Challenge Pack Collection will be on the day of the Event, 2 hours prior to scheduled race time.


14. How can I register for the Tribal Warrior Challenge 2017 ?

Please go here for information about registration dates.

15. How do I register if I am under the age of 18 ?

Participants below the age of 18 are required to seek parental/ guardian's consent and fill up the relevant indemnity declaration as deemed necessary by the Organiser upon registration. Failing which, the Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to any applicant under the age of 18.

16. How will I know if my entry has been accepted ?

After every registration, you will receive a registration confirmation email from EventFeet and confirmation email from the payment gateway. Please kindly contact us at if you do not receive any or both emails after 24 hours.

17. Do I get a refund if I choose not to participate after registration ?

No. Registration fee is strictly not refundable.

18. Can I make changes to my personal particulars after submitting my registration ?

No changes will be allowed after you have submitted your registration.

19. Can I change my race category after submitting my registration ?

No, unfortunately we do not allow any category change after every successful registration.

20. Why is it that I have not received my confirmation e-mail despite registering and making payment ?

Please kindly contact us at if you have not receive any confirmation email after registration.

21. What are the sizes for the running singlet and finisher's t-shirt ?

Please go here for information about the sizes.

22. Can I change the size of my finisher’s t-shirt after submitting my registration ?

No, you will not be able to change your finisher’s t-shirt size after submitting your registration.

23. When is the registration deadline ?

Registration will close on 30th July 2017 or when all slots are sold out, whichever comes first.

24. What is mailing option ?

Please go here for information on mailing option.


25. What are the payment options ?

You can pay using credit cards (VISA & Mastercard), FPX, Malaysia Bank Internet Banking and Union Pay.

26. Who is the payment gateway provider for the Tribal Warrior Challenge 2017 ?

The payment gateway provider is Revenue Harvest Sdn Bhd ( Revenue Harvest Sdn Bhd is registered and recognised by Bank Negara Malaysia.


27. Where are the water stations ?

The first water & isotonic drinks station is located 3 km from the starting line. The following stations are located at 2 km intervals along the course.


28. Where are the fruit stations ?

Fruit stations are located at the second and fourth water stations.



29. If I register for Headhunter and I can only manage Rite of Passage on Event day, can I still get the Finisher's t-shirt and Medal ?

No. Participants who do not complete their registered challenge will get neither the Finisher's t-shirt nor the Medal.


30. If there are any disputes in the race results, who can I appeal to ?

For prize winners or possible prize winners, disputes and appeals must be made on-the-spot at the technical tent within 30 minutes of the published results on the results notice display on-site or immediately after the prize presentation, whichever is earlier.